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How Does the Maestro Art School of Music cultivate personal growth?

Encouragement from peers as well as healthy competition can often motivate students to focus better and improve. Moreover, as students in an orchestra are required to stay highly focused and follow the conductor’s instructions closely, they become more disciplined as a team player. Our tutors are all sought-after musicians who have received professional training from reputable music schools in both Europe and the States. Students in their classes will not only learn from the greatest of examples, but will also expand their horizons.

How can the Maestro Art School of Music help me become more confident on stage?

We believe performances are a great way for an individual to build his/her confidence, and hence we have arranged an abundance of performing opportunities for our students. This includes organising 12 performances throughout the year as well as holding mock examinations and end of year examinations. Once you become a member of our orchestra, you will be able to perform on stage, be exposed to the world of performance, and take a step closer to your goals as a musician!

How can I expand my social network in the Maestro Art School of Music?

Our academy hopes to create a whole new learning environment for students: one that focuses on interacting and collaborating with fellow musicians, as opposed to the traditional way of learning music alone at home. Because the different levels, skills and backgrounds of students are taken into consideration before we assign them to classes, we believe this greatly helps them to find their musical soulmates and work towards their goals together.

How can the Maestro Art School of Music help me develop into a musician?

The Academy offers a wide range of courses that covers almost all components of music, including ensembles, examinations techniques, stage skills and aural training. We offer students an all-rounded music education and we believe this will greatly enhance their mastery of the instrument. As our tutors share their personal musical journey, we also think this can help students cultivate their repertoire and musicality.

Are students in the Maestro Art School of Music limited to playing classical music?

Of course not! Music takes form in all sorts of genres and students are highly encouraged to exercise their creativity and explore the multitude of music there exists. For instance, aside from practicing the signature classical pieces, we also cover other genres such as pop music, with soundtracks from Disney and Miyazaki Hayao movies that most of us are well familiar with.



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