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The Best Musical Training


Maestro Art School of Music offers students the best musical training by providing a wide variety of music lessons ranging from orchestral training and  examination technique classes, to masterclasses and piano ensembles. The school has managed to invite renowned local and international musicians and performers as tutors. Students will be assigned to classes after a thoughtful consideration of their attention to musical detail and technique.

Performance Opportunities


The school also provides an abundance of performance opportunities to students throughout the year. Apart from stage performances, students will also get the chance to participate in different community performances at shopping malls, non-profit organisations, and schools to further broaden their horizons.

All-rounded Music Education


By providing a holistic and comprehensive music education of the utmost quality, we hope students can embark on a rewarding and fulfilling musical journey.

leung kin fung
 LEUNG Kin Fung 
Artistic Director's Notes 


In Hong Kong, learning music is viewed as a chance for students to gain an extra edge over their competitors. The common sight of parents sending their kids to all sorts of music classes and examinations begs the question of whether not students really enjoy this pressure of learning an instrument. Evidently, it does not take rocket science to see the flaws in this sort of mentality. 


Learning music is more than simply mastering an instrument or passing an exam; it is about a genuine cultivation of one’s personal and artistic growth. If you look at the common traits of a successful musician, you will find that they often possess traits such as patience, self-confidence, and adept problem-solving skills. Such traits can only be acquired through an honest and dedicated pursuit into the nitty gritty of the arts.

Music is usually taught through one-on-one lessons in Hong Kong, yet this neglects a key component in the education of young musicians. While individual mastery of an instrument is important, it is crucial for students to be exposed to the ensembleship and collaboration with fellow musicians through participating in symphonies, concertos, chamber music, and sonatas. Only through these group interactions can students learn how to complement, accommodate, and treat others in a respectful manner. Unlike most school orchestras in Hong Kong, ​the Maestro Art School of Music provides young musicians with a vast amount of performance opportunities to grow and shine.

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