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Our trial class aims to provide our students and parents better understandings about our teachers, teaching environment and methods, prior to their study with us.

The Best Musical Training

Maestro Art School of Music offers students the best musical training by providing a wide variety of music lessons ranging from orchestral training and  examination technique classes, to masterclasses and piano ensembles.


The school has managed to invite renowned local and international musicians and performers as tutors. Students will be assigned to classes after a thoughtful consideration of their attention to musical detail and technique.

Performance Opportunities

The school also provides an abundance of performance opportunities to students throughout the year. Apart from stage performances, students will also get the chance to participate in different community performances at shopping malls, non-profit organisations, and schools to further broaden their horizons.


All-rounded Music Education

By providing a holistic and comprehensive music education of the utmost quality, we hope students can embark on a rewarding and fulfilling musical journey.

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