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Music Notes

  Our Programs  

Elite Music Development Program

Maestro Art School of Music offers students the best musical training by providing a wide variety of music lessons ranging from orchestral training and  examination technique classes, to masterclasses and piano ensembles. The school has managed to invite renowned local and international musicians and performers as tutors. Students will be assigned to classes after a thoughtful consideration of their attention to musical detail and technique. The school also provides an abundance of performance opportunities to students throughout the year. Apart from stage performances, students will also get the chance to participate in different community performances at shopping malls, non-profit organisations, and schools to further broaden their horizons. By providing a holistic and comprehensive music education of the utmost quality, we hope students can embark on a rewarding and fulfilling musical journey.


1. Orchestral Training

Joining an orchestra is a great way for players to develop as a musician. Many players often practice at home without having the chance to interact with others. Playing in an orchestra not only allows you to develop a sense of ensembleship, it also provides you with opportunities to meet other people who share the same love for music as you do. Outstanding students at our school may even be given a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to participate in the Hong Kong Orchestra and perform under the baton of one of Asia’s most renowned violinists and conductors, Mr LEUNG Kin-Fung.


2. Masterclass

Our academy regularly organises a variety of masterclasses for our students. These masterclasses are hosted by acclaimed musicians and professors from top-tier music schools to help students become better musicians. By learning and studying from the finest of musicians, students will be well prepared for potential overseas studies and performances on international stages.

3. Concert Practice Class

The school offers free concert practices for students. As students carry out performances in front of live audiences, our experienced tutors will provide immediate feedback and comments on ways in which they can improve. These solo performance opportunities focus more on building an individual's confidence and allowing them to better prepare for future examinations and competitions.


4. Examination and Competition Technique Class

The selected repertoires for music examinations and competitions bring on different challenges. Hence, the key to performing well is to identify and overcome those challenges. Our Education Director has vast experience in musical examinations and has achieved an excellent reputation amongst his students. Given his experience and expertise, he will be leading the technique classes by providing practice tips and orchestral skills to help students navigate their examination to achieve excellent results.

5. Mock and Final Examinations

A mock examination led by senior instrument tutors will be arranged for all students who have signed up for international examinations. These mock examinations will follow the exact same format of real international examinations so that students can get a taste of the real examination experience and familiarize themselves with the whole process. We believe these mock examinations will greatly ease student’s pressure and enable them to better prepare for the actual examination.

To evaluate whether our students have progressed, an annual final examination will also be held at the end of every school year to assess the performance of our students. Apart from receiving a score sheet as well as feedback from our tutors, students will also receive a certificate as a token of recognition for their effort and hard work over the year.

6. Group Piano Accompaniment and Aural Class

In order to perform well in the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM)’s examinations, students not only have to polish their scales and musical pieces, they also have to refine their piano ensemble and aural skills. To ensure our students receive the most effective examination training, our keyboard tutors will be giving 8 aural classes to share different challenges students may face in the actual examination. Through these classes, students are expected to be equipped with the necessary confidence and foundational knowledge to prepare them for upcoming lessons and practices.


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